Buyers & SellersSellers June 14, 2021

Preparing Your Equestrian Property for Sale

Selling a horse property is quite different to selling your typical single-family home and can present some unique challenges. Therefore, when marketing a property like this, there are certain things to consider in order to achieve a successful sale. Because equestrian properties aren’t usually located in heavily populated areas, when buyers take the time to visit your property, you need to do everything you can to make a lasting impression. Having an equestrian property is a major responsibility, but if you convey to interested buyers the value and joy it can bring, it will help with getting your property sold. Here are some ways you can prepare your equestrian property for sale.

Sell the Lifestyle

How your property is described and positioned in the marketing assets is key. You are selling a lifestyle, so it’s worthwhile to talk up the experience that comes from owning such a unique property. Elaborate on nearby vets, feed lots, co-ops and grocery stores. Describe the nearby trail rides and point out if there are neighborhood riding clubs.  Paint the picture of what a potential buyer’s life could look like when they buy your property. Will they be enjoying the sunset on the patio overlooking the pasture? Does a stream trickle by the patio creating a relaxing ambiance? Can you watch the horses play in the field from the bedroom window? These are the visuals images that can capture a buyer’s imagination.

Organize your Documents

There are certain legal documents and records that come with owning and operating an equestrian property. Make sure you have the title and any land surveys or improvement location certificates ready to go as you prepare the property for sale. In addition to legal documents, make sure your agricultural records are current and updated. This includes plant health analyses, well permits, water or mineral rights, grazing leases or anything relating to natural resources on your property. Many buyers will ask to see records of past water and utility bills as well. This will make the process that much easier when you know the logistics have been taken care of.

Stage for Buyers

More than likely, the buyers who are touring your property either own horses or have been around equestrian properties before. Therefore, you will want to make sure the property appeals to horse owners. This includes making sure your fencing is intact, locks are secure, the barn is clean, and the pastures are mowed to perfection. This will also show buyers that they too can make the property look exactly the way they envision.

The Price is Right

A major factor in attracting buyers is the listing price. It’s important to work closely with an Equestrian Advisor who specializes in selling horse properties to ensure that yours is priced accurately. When potential buyers see that your equestrian property is properly priced, they are more likely to view it as a good investment. If you plan to include any equipment like a tractor, mower or other large items in the sale, price those separately and do not include them in the list price of your home. This will ensure that your property is listed at an appropriate price and that buyers will pay the necessary sales tax on those items outside of closing.