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Future of Work

This week we had the opportunity to hear a presentation by Ed McMahon who is the Senior Fellow for Sustainable Development at the Urban Land Institute.

He is a leading expert on the future of housing and development in the United States.

He sees that Colorado is positioned to massively benefit from the work from home shift taking place across the Country.

Ed cited that only 1 in 10 companies expect employees to come back to the office to work full time.  The believes the future of work is a hybrid model where most employees are mixing their work hours between the company office and their home office.

What does this mean for housing demand?

Smaller cities (like Denver), suburbs and high-amenity small towns will benefit.

He sees that those places with a high quality of life will benefit the most.

Bottom line, if people are untethered from their corporate office and can live anywhere, they will choose to live in places that are nice to live.

Colorado is certainly high on the list of high-amenity and high-quality places.

So, the new work from home dynamic is another reason to be bullish on the future of Colorado real estate.